Rent Assistance

Homelessness in our community is a major problem.  Our largest program is helping families with their rent payments. In 2020, we helped 269 families, spending over $223,000. By helping a family pay part of their rent, our hope is that they are able to remain in their homes and maintain stable lives. In addition, we also helped 91 families with emergency shelter at a local motel spending over $10,000. 

Volunteers visit families in their homes when rent assistance is requested, to hear their stories and better understand their situations. During COVID-19, we have made policy changes to our home visits.  

We take all Rent and Utility requests by phone every Wednesday beginning at 10:00 AM until 1:00 pm or when our funding is exhaused. Please call our office at 360-694-5388.  If you live within our service area of the Vancouver & Evergreen School District boundaries, you may qualify for assistance.  Also, if you are seeking assistance with rent and live within Vancouver city limits, please call the Housing Hotline, 360-695-9677.  

There are several St. Vincent de Paul Conferences in the Vancouver / Camas / Washougal / Battle Ground / Ridgefield and Woodland area that may provide rent assistance.

Also, please visit the Council for the Homeless website for up to date information on rental assistance in our county.






St. Vincent DePaul Rent Assistance Program

Have YOU ever experienced an interruption in your income because of one of these situations?

·         Job loss, or reduction in work hours

·         Termination of unemployment benefits before a new job begins

·         Disability or limited education,  making employment hard to maintain

·         Car problems which result in repair expenses and loss of transportation

·         Unexpected medical expenses

·         Non-payment of child support

·         Spouse or roommate no longer contributing or moves out

·         Domestic violence forcing an unexpected move

The majority of rent assistance requests come from people who are working hard to improve their situations. 

Our mission is to help people who are struggling to make the rent.  Sometimes they contact us when they are within a few days or even hours of eviction from their homes. There are many reasons that people find themselves in this situation.

Can YOU help us help others?