Code of Ethics

All volunteers and staff of Vancouver St. Vincent de Paul Society Conference will adhere to this Code Of Ethics and provide a signed copy and acknowledgement for our volunteer / employee files.  


  • I will treat clients, staff members, and other volunteers with the respect and dignity due to all God's people and consistant with the St. Vincent de Paul mission. 
  • I will maintain the highest standard of personal conduct. 
  • I will try to improve public understanding of the role of the St. Vincent de Paul mission. 
  • I will refrain from using my position as a volunteer or staff member to secure special privileges, gain, or to benefit myself. 
  • I will maintain the confidentiality of privileged information. 
  • I beleive that adherence to this Code of Ethics will promote and maintain the necessary high standards of personal conduct and professional standards, and will assure public confidence in the integrity and service of the St. Vincent de Paul Society, and most importantly, will reflect the morals, values, and service to the poor exemplified by Jesus Christ.